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Waste - FAQs

Which Bin does this go in?

A-Z of Waste Fact Sheet (PDF 470.3KB)

Waste Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a wheelie bin?

How can I receive an infirm service?

How do I know what day my wheelie bin will be collected?

I cannot take my bin to the road as I have a long driveway.

If I move into a new house / unit etc and it doesn't have a wheelie bin, what should I do?

What can I do if I want an additional wheelie bin (eg two waste or two reycling wheelie bins)?

What can I place in my recycling bin?

What can I place in my waste wheelie bin?

What happens if my wheelie bin is damaged or stolen?

What happens to my recyclables once it has been collected?

What happens to my waste once it has been collected?

What should I do it my wheelie bin was not emptied?

What will the collection service cost me?

Will I be charged at the waste facility?

Will my waste and recycling wheelie bins be collected on the same day?

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