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Recycling iconWhat is recycling?

Recycling is the processing of materials for use in the production of new items.

Council encourages everyone to think about reducing their waste by reusing or recycling. Recycling waste is important if we’re going to maintain a sustainable environment for future generations. By recycling yesterday’s rubbish we can help produce tomorrow’s products. 

In addition to the yellow-lidded kerbside recycling wheelie bins, Council encourages separation of glass, plastic (milk and drink bottles, etc), scrap metal (including car bodies, white goods and so on) and cardboard at all supervised waste facilities.

Recyclable items should be separated where possible before entering the facility. These can then be placed in their respective recycling areas which are clearly marked with signage. Please report to the facility supervisor before disposing of items.

Benefits of recycling

  • Reduces disposal costs as less waste is being sent to landfill 
  • Conserves limited space in landfills by diverting large amounts of waste away from these facilities Saves energy and water as producing recycled products uses less of these resources compared to producing items from virgin material 
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Creates new jobs

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