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Avoid, Reduce, Reuse

There are many ways we can minimise our waste - at home, shopping, at school and work to name a few:

At Home

Tick Reuse glass jars and plastic containers to store leftovers and other household items
Tick Compost or worm farm 
Tick Sort your rubbish
Tick Use your local recycling service or kerbside collection
Tick If you do use plastic bags, reuse these as bin liners 
Tick Use both sides of the paper and reuse items such as envelopes
Tick Recycle whenever and wherever possible. Donate unwanted furniture and clothes to charity stores
Tick Follow the waste hierarchy (Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Dispose)

At the Shops

Smart shopping means making smarter choices about the products you purchase, so you will avoid buying items that you will only throw away. You can also reduce your shopping bill at the same time. Don’t just Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – it’s important to RETHINK!

Tick Decide if you actually need the product in the first place

Tick Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags  Reusable shopping bag
Tick Buy fresh food
Tick Buy products in bulk
Tick Buy recycled products and products with recycled packaging
Tick Buy products with low or no packaging; avoid over-packaged products
Tick Buy refills and refillable products
Tick Buy long lasting products instead of disposable or single use items
Tick Write out a list and stick to it

At School and Work

Tick Teach students about the importance of waste minimisation
Tick Use both sides of the paper and reuse items such as envelopes
Tick Educate staff and students to be responsible consumers 
Tick Promote recycling and litter control   
Tick Carry lunch in a reusable container instead of wrapping in plastic 
Tick Compost or worm farm 
Tick Donate unwanted furniture and clothes to charity stores
Tick Encourage students to take the message home to their families 
Tick Recycle


Waste Hierarchy

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