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Naming Streets and Roads

Road near WarwickSometimes roads or streets have not been named and you would like a particular street to be given a name.

Quite often, people request a road to be given a certain name because it has a special significance to them, like, giving the road the name of the family because they have lived there for generations.

If the road is not a new road in a subdivision, naming an unnamed road is a long process and can take up to 4 months.  

The application is assessed as to the suitability of the suggested road name, a letter is sent to owners of property bordering the unnamed road advising of the suggested road name, an advertisement is placed in the Council Column of The Southern Free Times and then a report is submitted to Council advising of any written responses received and recommending a road name.

Naming of a road in a subdivision follows a different approval process and may take 1 - 2 months.

It is not Council policy to name unconstructed roads.

You will need to complete the Road Naming Application form (PDF 38.6KB) and return it to Council with all necessary documentation.


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