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Rate Notices

Rate and charges are issued via a rate notice.  Council issues a number of rate notices each year depending on what services are provided to your property, when services commence or end, and when changes occur to your property.

The Timing of Rate Notices

General rate notices are issued half-yearly, generally in July (due August) and January (due February) for full payments.

Water consumption notices are issued half-yearly, generally in October (due November) and April (due May).

Supplementary notices are issued when changes are made to a property part way through the year and are issued on an ad hoc basis,

From the date of the notice, you have 30 days to pay or enter into a payment arrangement with Council.

You can choose to receive your rate notice via email as a PDF.  Go to Receiving your rate notice via email to register for this service. 

Due Date

Once a ratepayer receives a rate notice they have 30 days from the date of issue for payment to be made.


On the general rate notice, a 7.5% discount is applied on all current general rates when the rate notice is paid in full by the due date, including any brought forward balances from a prior financial year.  The discount only applies to the current general rates and does not apply to separate charges, special charges, utility charges or the state government emergency management levy.

Instalments for Rates

If a ratepayer is unable to pay their annual rates notice in full by the due date, they may choose to pay by the instalment option. This option on the annual rate notice allows the ratepayer to pay the notice in two instalments.  The first instalment is to be paid on the annual rate notice due date and is half of the annual charges plus any brought forward balance from the prior financial year.  The second instalment is the remaining half of the annual charges and is due within six months of the annual rate notice due date. 

The instalment option allows the annual rate notice amount to be split into two payments rather than a lump sum up front payment.  However, properties using the instalment option do not qualify for any discount on prompt payment

Pensioner Rebate

If a ratepayer holds a current Queensland pensioner concession card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs, they may be entitled to receive a subsidy for their rates.  This subsidy is provided by the Queensland Government.  Click here to read more about Pensioner Rebates.

Payment Agreements

If a ratepayer is unable to pay their rate notice in full, they should contact Council immediately to organise a payment agreement.  Click here to read more about payment agreements.

Overdue Rates and Interest Charges

Interest will be charged on all overdue rates and charges 5 days after due date.  Interest is compound interest, calculated on daily rests at the rate determined by Council at the Annual Budget Meeting.

Payment Methods

Council offers a variety of payment options to pay rate notices.  Click here to read more about payment methods.

What to do after purchasing or selling a property

Once all necessary paperwork for the sale of the house has been processed by the solicitors, they will send the settlement/transfer of ownership documents to the Department of Resources.  These documents are lodged with the Titles Office to change the name on the title deed for the property. Department of Resources will then inform Council of the change of ownership. This process can take up to 3 months.

The solicitors should organise for a property search from Council to note the rates and charges applied to the property. This allows for the calculation of the proportion of rates and charges that should be adjusted on settlement day.

If a property is bulk assessed (multiple lots on one rate notice) and a valuation change occurs resulting from the sale of part of a property, a pro-rate rate adjustment will be made by council based on amended valuations received from the Department Resources from the date of effect of the amended valuations (generally the settlement date).  Where applicable, refunds will be made to vendors and a pro-rata rate adjustment issued to purchasers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have received an annual notice but I’m no longer the owner of the property

Sometimes when settlement occurs before or during the rates period, the notice is issued to the previous owner even though settlement has taken place. It can take up to three months to receive notification of the new owner from the titles office. If this occurs, contact Council and we can check the status of the change of ownership.


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