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Pensioner Rate Subsidy

Eligible property owners may be entitled to receive a Pensioner Rate Subsidy on Rates and Charges.

The Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme is a State Government Subsidy provided by the Department of Human Services.  The Department of Human Services provide eligibility guidelines that must be adhered to by Council when each application is assessed.

Who is eligible for a Pensioner Rate Subsidy

The Queensland Government and the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service offer a subsidy for all ratepayers who hold a current Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs or a Repatriation Health (Gold) Card.  The approved applicant must primarily reside on the property for the period of the claim.

How much is the Pensioner Rate Subsidy?

The Queensland Government offer a 20% subsidy, capped at $200.00 per annum for Rates and Charges excluding Emergency Management Levies and miscellaneous property charges.

The Queensland Fire & Emergency Service offer a 20% subsidy on Emergency Management Levies for eligible properties.

All subsidies are applied on a pro-rata basis should you only be eligible for a portion of the year.

To be eligible, an Applicant:

  1. Must comply with the eligibility criteria contained in the Scheme and must possess a current valid qualifying concession card, namely a Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs or a Repatriation Health (gold) Card.
  2. Must be the owner (either jointly or solely) or be an eligible Life Tenant of a property within the region which is their principal place of residence, AND must have (either solely or jointly with a co-owner), the legal responsibility for payment of rates and charges which are levied in respect of the said property by the Council.
  3. Must, if a first time applicant, lodge and complete the prescribed Application/Consent for AND provide Council with a copy of each applicant's Pensioner Concession Card to be entitled to a Pensioner Rate Subsidy.  The information on the Application/Consent form will be used by Council to verify the eligibility of all pensioners listed.  Upon proof, the entitlement to a subsidy will commence from either the start date shown on the card, or the date the property was occupied or the start of the current rating period, which is the latter date.  Such entitlement shall continue until the sale of that property, a relocation, or until the entitlement to a pension ceases to exist.
  4. Must, if an existing applicant, lodge a new application on the acquisition of a replacement property within the region.
  5. Must not generate any income from the property should the subsidy recipient live in alternative accommodation for medical reasons.  that is, if the pensioner still classes the property as their primary place of resdience but resides with a relaive, in a nursing home or hospital due to ill health, a subsidy may still be paid provided the house is not rented to a third party.  Council may request evidence of this.

Life Tenancies
Where persons have been awarded permanent residency in a property by means of a Life Tenancy or Deed of Compromise, a copy of the executed Will or Court Order must be provided to Council.  This document needs to outline the terms of the tenancy specifically referring to the payment of rates and charges.

To Apply:      

Application is made by way of the completion and submission of a Queensland Government Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme Application/Consent form (PDF 119.6KB) and by providing a copy of the current Queensland Government Pensioner Concession card/s for each applicant listed on the Application/Consent form.

The Applicant/s may present their card/s and the completed Application/Consent form at the Stanthorpe, Warwick or Allora Community Contact Centres.


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