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Water Meter Test

Water metre iconHow to Read and Test a Water Meter

Residents are encouraged to monitor their own water consumption regularly. Monitoring usage will alert you to any possible leak on the property.

To read a water meter: 

  • Locate the water meter at the front of the property
  • Open the meter box lid using gloves and remove any debris.
  • Read the digits on the meter (note some water meters have a small lid to flip to reveal the digits). Read from left to right.
  • Please note that the black digits are whole kilolitres and red digits are a decimal point of a kilolitre (1 kilolitre equals 1000 litres). 

To test a water meter:

  • Turn off all internal and external taps and fixtures (leave the stopcock at the water meter switched on).
  • Record the reading of the water meter.
  • Don't flush the toilet or use any water for at least 4 hours (overnight would be best). If a 4 hour period is not possible or is inconvenient then a test over 1 hour is normally adequate.
  • After the end of the test period, check the water meter again and record the reading. If the reading has changed there must be a leak within the property boundary. 
  • The owner/resident should contact a licensed plumber to locate and repair the leak.  

If the water leak has been determined to be within the property boundary (by following the above procedure), the owner of the property is responsible for having the leak repaired fixed by a licenced plumber.  

A simple test to determine if a leak is an internal property problem is to simply turn of all internal and external taps and fixtures (leave the stopcock at the water meter switched on) and observe the numbers on the water meter.  If the digits are still increasing,  there must be a water leak somewhere within the property boundary.  



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