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Water Consumption Charges Relief

If you have an undetectable water leak on your property you may be eligible for partial relief from water consumption charges as per Council Policy (PDF 69.4KB).

An undetectable water leak is a water leak that is not apparent (eg. underneath a driveway, inside a wall, etc) and is the owner's responsibility to arrange the repairs.

If a water leak is not fixed, you may occur excessive water charges.

  1. Conduct a water meter test to work out how much water is being lost.
  2. If the water meter test indicates a water leak, the owner should engage a licensed plumber to undertake the repairs.
  3. Once the leak is repaired the owner should contact Council to check if water relief is available or review the Relief from Water Consumption Charges Policy (PL-FS035) (PDF 69.4KB) to see if the situation meets all criteria stated in this policy.
  4. Should the owner wish to apply for relief then the owner should complete an Application for Relief from Water Consumption Charges (PDF 111.7KB) and also provide the licensed plumber's invoice and statement advising that the undetectable leak has been repaired. This should then be lodged with Council
Note: To avoid future undetected losses of water it is recommended that the owner/resident read the water meter regularly to monitor water consumption.

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