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Pensioner Rebate

 Pensioners are entitled to receive a subsidy for their rates from the Queensland Government.

How much is the Rebate Subsidy?

The Queensland Government offers a 20% subsidy, capped at $200.00 per annum for rates and charges excluding fire levies and miscellaneous property charges. 

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service offers a 20% subsidy on state fire levies in the “A” and “D” categories. 

All rebates are charged on a pro-rata basis should you only be eligible for a portion of the year.

To be eligible a person must:

  • Be the holder of a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs; 
  • Be the owner or life tenant, either solely or jointly, of the property.  The Pensioner's name must appear on the title deed or have a life tenancy created by a will; 
  • Have legal responsibility for the payment of rates and charges levied by Council; and 
  • The property must be the Pensioner's principal place of residence
  • An exception for not living at the principle place of residence is:
    • It is due to ill heath AND
    • The property in not being rented out 
    • The owners are still fully responsible for the payment of rates 

To Apply:      

Download and complete the Pension Rebate Application Form (PDF 120.4KB) and lodge it in person at any of Council's offices. You will need to show your Pension Card as a photocopy of it will be saved in Council's records.


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