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Payment Agreements for Rates and Charges

If you are having difficulties paying your rates, you could organise payment agreements to spread the payments throughout the year.  However, discount will not be allowed on those who take up this option.

Council has recently adopted a policy to allow pensioners who are eligible for the Queensland State Government Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme to make a formal agreement for payment of rates by regular instalments to pay the rates balance off by 30 June of the current financial year.  No interest is charged on overdue rates whilst the pensioner honours the arrangement


Other ratepayers may make a formal agreement for payment of rates. Agreements will be interest free if the following conditions are met:

1.     Only current year rates and charges are outstanding on the property.  Any arrears must be paid in full prior to entering into the agreement;

2.     The rates balance due and payable must be paid within 6 months, or by 30 June of the current financial year, whichever is the sooner.  This can just be the first instalment if required;

3.     The agreement must be in the form of regular payments of weekly, fortnightly or monthly; and

4.     The property must not be subject to recovery action for overdue rates.


An agreement outside of the above conditions may be approved, as long as at least one of the conditions is present.  Interest will continue to be charged on any overdue rate balance, however, Council will not pursue further recovery action while the agreement honoured.


In the event of an agreement default, ratepayers are allowed fourteen (14) days to catch-up on the missing payment.  If the situation is not rectified the agreement will be cancelled.  

Please Contact Council to organise rates arrangements for your property.

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