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Instalments for Rates

Council will allow property owners who are unable to pay their rates in full by the due date, to pay by instalments with no recovery action being taken on any instalment payment that is not overdue.

In accordance with Section 129 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council shall allow payment of rates by two instalments as follows:-
Payment of rates by two instalments will be available to ratepayers and will:

  1. Not attract interest on unpaid instalments unless the instalment payment is overdue.
  2. Not qualify for a discount for prompt payment by this method of instalment payments.
  3. Qualify for a discount for prompt payment on rates and charges issued subsequent to the instalment issue date if no rates or charges are overdue.
  4. Require immediate full payment of all overdue rates and charges and instalments and/or subsequent rates or charges

Contact Council to arrange instalment payments for your property.

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