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Change of Details

Change of Address 

Name and Address records in Council require the completion (including signature) of Change of Address form (PDF 49.2KB) to authorise the changing of name and address data held in council records.

The form is to be completed in its entirety ensuring that all persons or business entities affected by the change are listed.  

Change of Name

You can request for your name record to be changed by providing a written request to Council and including a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate or Birth Certificate.  

The name record will only change the name that appears on Council's information (ie Rates Notice etc), it does not change the name on the title of the property.  

If you require the name to be changed on the title of the property then you will need to contact the Titles Office in Brisbane.

Change of Ownership

Council will only accept change of property ownership details from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines or a Form 1 & 24 directly from the Solicitors.

If settlement has taken place, you should check with your Solicitor to verify that the Form 1 and 24 has been lodged.

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