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Working Dogs

Australian Red Kelpie - Hilu - WikimediaFor your dog to be qualified as a Working Dog under the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008, you must answer yes to all of the following questions:

Q1: Are you a primary producer?

A 'Primary Producer" is a person whose main occupation is a farmer (dairy, grain, cane, fruit, grazier, etc.)

Q2: Do you live on Rural Land?

Just being zoned Rural Land does not qualify you under the Act.  Rural land for the purpose of the legislation means your land is used for grazing stock or cultivating crops on a commercial basis.

Q3: Is your dog a working dog?

This means your dog is usually kept on rural land (as outlined above) and is kept/owned by a primary producer (as outlined above), or a person engaged or employed by a primary producers, and is used primarily for the purpose of droving, protecting, tending or working stock and has not been declared a dangerous or menacing dog (prescribed under the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Regulation 2009).

If you said 'no' to any of the above questions, your dog does not qualify as a 'working dog' and will need to be registered.


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