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Wild Dog Bounties

Council pays bounties for wild dogs trapped or shot within the SDRC area to supplement it’s 1080 baiting programs. $100 is paid for adult dogs and $50 for pups.

To find out more information on bounties and how to claim them, please refer to Council's Wild Dog Bounty Policy (PDF 156.7KB)

You can also download the bounty claim form (PDF 50KB).

Council undertakes inspections of private property to ensure pests are being controlled in accordance with Local Laws and State legislation.

Incidences of pest animals are noted, but compliance is generally not considered a viable option for pest animals, due to their transient nature. Rabbits are the exception to this rule and compliance action may be taken if active rabbit warrens are found.

Locations for private property inspections are set out in Council’s Pest Management Action Plan (PDF 2.5MB).

Council has a Pest Management Working Group in place, made up of representatives from Council, Main Roads, National Parks, AgForce Qld, Landcare, Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board, Biosecurity Qld and community groups Qld Murray Darling Committee and Condamine Alliance. The group meets quarterly to discuss pest (weeds and pest animals) management issues and makes recommendations directly to Council. The Pest Management Working Group is also responsible for oversight of the implementation of Council’s Pest Management Action Plan (PDF 2.5MB).

Council maintains 100 kilometres of wild dog check fences – a 93 kilometre check fence that protects the wool growing traprock region in the Stanthorpe district and a seven kilometre check fence near Killarney. Council convenes the Stanthorpe Wild Dog Fence Association made up of landholders that adjoin the Stanthorpe fence. The Association meets quarterly and makes recommendations to Council’s Pest Management Working Group.

Wild Dog check fence

Wild Dog Check Fence

Council has established and participates in the Southern Downs Region Wild Dog Management Advisory Committee. This Committee meets quarterly, is comprised of landholders, industry and community groups and National Parks and makes recommendations to Council’s Pest Management Working Group.


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