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Invasive Pests Control Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

Council needs to clean up its own backyard before making us do ours - there's weeds all over Council road.

Now that the continuation of the IPCS has been endorsed by Council, do I have to submit a Control Works Form every Year? Will I have to pay the IPCS levy every year?

There are pests/weeds all over the New England Highway between Warwick and Stanthorpe, Warwick and Allora and/or the Cunningham Highway coming into Warwick.

There are worse pests such as lantana, mother-of-millions and Johnson grass; why isn't anything being done about those?

There is tree pear on XYZ Road.

Why do I have to take part in IPCS? Why can't I manage pests my way on my land? What's the benefit to me?

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