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Invasive Pests Control Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

Council needs to clean up its own backyard before making us do ours - there's weeds all over Council road.

How/when do I need to submit my Control Works Form? What happens if I don't submit my works control form? Will I get a fine?

There are pests/weeds all over the New England Highway between Warwick and Stanthorpe, Warwick and Allora and/or the Cunningham Highway coming into Warwick.

There are worse pests such as lantana, mother-of-millions and Johnson grass; why isn't anything being done about those?

There is tree pear on XYZ Road.

What happens at the end of the three years? Will everyone have to pay the levy?

Why do I have to take part in IPCS? Why can't I manage pests my way on my land? What's the benefit to me?

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