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SDRC Cycle Path Masterplan

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Do you use a bicycle or motor scooter? Then we invite you to share your ideas with us to develop the SDRC Cycle Path Masterplan.

About the project

Council is seeking to develop a masterplan of cycling and motor scooter facilities and networks within the region. This will help us to identify:

  • the shortfalls in the current network

  • where we can improve current facilities

  • how to encourage more people to use cycleways

This masterplan will align with the Principal Cycle Network that has been developed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Why do we need a masterplan?

Increasing active transport, such as cycling, has many benefits for ourselves and our community. There are the health benefits from increased physical activity as well as the environmental, economic, social and transport benefits associated with more people choosing to ride a bike or scooter.

This masterplan will support, guide and inform how we improve and develop our current cycle network so we can provide convenient, connected and safe facilities for all its users, now and in the future.

What’s happening?

The Masterplan will be developed over four stages and community engagement will take place during this time:

Stage 1 – Engagement

March – April 2019

To explore the ideas and issues important to cycle and motor scooter users

Stage 2 – Develop Draft

April 2019

To develop a draft Cycle Path Masterplan for community comment

Stage 3 – Engagement

April – May 2019

To share the draft masterplan with the community and use feedback to refine and improve the plan

Stage 4 – Finalise and Adopt

May – June 2019

Finalise the Cycle Path Masterplan for Council adoption

Who should participate?

The masterplan will focus on the townships of Warwick, Stanthorpe and Killarney at this stage. We invite everyone from the community to have a say but we are particularly interested to hear from:

  • cyclists and motor scooter users

  • schools

  • parents with school-aged children

  • aged care facilities

We want to know

  • Why do you use/not use your local cycle paths?

  • What is the main reason you use a bicycle or motor scooter? (i.e. go to school, work, shops, exercise, fun, main mode of transport)

  • What would help or encourage you to use your bicycle or motor scooter more regularly?

  • What is missing from our current cycle network?

  • What needs to be improved?

How to get involved

You’re invited to submit your ideas and suggestions by:

  1. Questionnaire  (closes 31 May 2019)

    Complete a short online questionnaire here

  2. Attending a Meeting

    Attend one of the facilitated meetings for cyclists, schools, aged care facilities and interested community members

Find out more

For more information about the project, phone Council on 1300 697 372 (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm).

Draft masterplan

The draft masterplan will be available here for you to view once it is completed.


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