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2021/2022 Draft Budget

Council is inviting your feedback on the Draft Budget for 2021/2022 (PDF 356KB) . Please note that all feedback must be submitted by 5pm, 11 June 2021.

Fact Sheets:

Document:   2021-2022 Draft Budget Snap Shot (PDF 162KB)

Document:  SDRC Fact Sheet_Draft Budget 2021-22_Community Grants and Contributions (PDF 185.7KB)

Document:  SDRC Fact Sheet_Draft Budget 2021-22_Waste Service Snapshot (PDF 207.6KB)

Document:  SDRC Fact Sheet_Draft Budget 2021-22_Water Pricing Snapshot (PDF 566.9KB)

Document:  SDRC Fact Sheet_Draft Budget 2021-22_Capital Projects Snapshot (PDF 378KB)

Document:  SDRC Fact Sheet_Draft Budget 2021-22_Average half yearly rates (PDF 1.6MB)

Full Draft Budget and Related Forms:

Document: 2021-2022 Draft Budget  (PDF 356KB)

Document: 2021-2022 Draft Fees and Charges  (PDF 966.6KB)

Document: 2021-2022 Draft Revenue Statement (PDF 1.8MB)

Document: 2021-2022 Draft Capital Project Concepts  (PDF 75.4MB)

Feedback may be submitted as follows:

In Person:

Warwick Office                             Stanthorpe Office                     
64 Fitzroy Street                           61 Marsh Street                        
Warwick  Qld  4370                     Stanthorpe  Qld  4380               

By Post:

The Chief Executive Officer
Southern Downs Regional Council
PO Box 26
Warwick  Qld  4370

By Email:

It will help us if you:

  • Clearly state what issue/s or topic/s you wish to comment on, and
  • Ensure your comments are clear and concise.

If you consider there to be compelling reasons why your submission should be kept confidential, please contact Scott Norman, Director Finance, Assets & Special Projects on 1300 697 372.

Please note that no anonymous submissions will be accepted.

You must provide your full name and telephone number.  If you are submitting on behalf of an organisation, please state this and your role within that organisation.  Please attach all supporting documentation.

Please note all fields marked with *  must be completed.

Draft Budget 2021/2022 Feedback Form

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