Warwick Boxing Club Inc

Warwick Boxing Club as well as catering for serious boxers, its main focus is to provide cardio fitness, as well as basic boxing skills under qualified instructors

Organisation Contact Details
Physical Address: 33A Albert Street, WARWICK QLD 4370 Postal Address: PO Box 894, WARWICK QLD 4370
Contact Person: Gary Russell-Sharam Contact Position: Secretary
Phone (BH): 0428763237 Phone (AH):
Mobile: 0428763237 Fax:
Email: gary@mybcomputers.com.au Website: see Facebook
Days of Operation:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Opening Hours: 3.30 pm - 8.00pm
Organisation Operations
We use volunteers:
  • Yes
Target Demographic:
  • All
Target Age Group:
  • All Ages
Target Gender: Both
Member Information
Current no. of members: 150 Fees & Charges: $70 Student/Concession, $110 Single & $170 Family
Membership Period: 1st January - 30 June, 1st July - 31 December Membership Eligibility: N/A
Meetings & Facilities
Meeting Venue / Facility: Boxing Fitness Gym Physical Address: 33A Albert Street, WARWICK QLD 4370
Disabled Access:
  • Disable
Toilets: Yes (including disabled access)
External hire available: Yes Hire rates: Please Contact
Hire rates effective: All Year Category: Sport & Recreation
Organisation Summary
Warwick Boxing Club as well as catering for serious boxers, its main focus is to provide cardio fitness, as well as basic boxing skills under qualified instructors

The Boxing Club has a history dating back over 50+ years with a proud history. The club has produced many State, Commonwealth and Olympic Game contenders.  Sel Brackin was the foundation stone of the boxing club, tutoring young boxers and managing them. His son Ross followed in his father’s footsteps and now tutors fitness classes for all members.  His daughters are members as well and have followed in their father’s footsteps tutoring classes.  Three generations of the one family say that the club has strong family values, that carries through with many families joining to exercise together. The club has around ten Level 1 Accredited Instructors.  It is not unusual to see fathers with their daughters and Mothers with their sons working side by side towards a common goal, good health and mental alertness.  The ethos of the club was to help and assist young men and women to be a better person and to be a contributing member of our society.

The Club over time has evolved to now include a wider membership that encompasses people of all ages.  From children as young as 5 to adults in their 70s. Most have a common goal, to get fit and stay in shape for their health and mental stability.  For the boxers, the sparring and contesting of bouts between similar weights and ages, teaches the young member defence, discipline, respect and above all responsibility.  Damien Lawler is the head trainer and instils these values in all of the members in the boxing group.  For the wider group the goals are very similar but the concentration is transferred to general health and wellbeing.

Warwick Boxing Club Inc. membership is inclusive of people that have had medical trauma, life threatening surgery that has taken its toll on their health and fitness.

The Warwick Boxing Club Inc. is today so much more than a just a boxing club, the membership is across all walks of life from the young to the old, they all have a common theme, and that is to live a good healthy life and have metal awareness that exercise encourages.  The Club encompasses all, the less affluent, to the people that are more comfortable.  The most important factor is that we are all one under the same roof, no matter your background, no matter where you come from, no matter the colour of your skin, no matter your education, no matter your level of fitness. 

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