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Canton of Stegby - Society forCreative Anachronism

Organisation Contact Details
Physical Address: St Marks Hall Postal Address: 21 Albert Street Warwick
Contact Person: Lady Gabriella Borromei Contact Position: Other
Phone (BH): 0402659043 Phone (AH):
Mobile: Fax:
Email: Website:
Days of Operation:
  • Wednesday
Opening Hours: 7:30 - 9.30pm
Organisation Operations
We use volunteers: Target Demographic:
  • All
Target Age Group:
  • All Ages
Target Gender: Both
Member Information
Current no. of members: 35 Fees & Charges: $45 per year, $5 per night
Membership Period: 1 year Membership Eligibility: Over 18 or attending with family member over 18
Meetings & Facilities
Meeting Venue / Facility: Physical Address:
Disabled Access:
  • Disable
Toilets: Yes (including disabled access)
External hire available: Hire rates:
Hire rates effective: Category: Interest Groups
Organisation Summary
As part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Canton of Stegby, is a non-profit, educational organization whose aims include re-creating the arts and crafts of the pre-17th century world.

We get together, learn many skills and crafts including cooking, fighting, and everything in-between, and we have a lot of fun doing it. We are as much a recreation groups as a re-creation group – that is we do what we do as much for fun as for authenticity. We have many members whose aim is to be as authentic as possible in as many ways as possible. We also have just as many members who are content to be as authentic as required to give a medieval feel to things, while having a good a time as possible. The choice of your goals is up to you.

The only things required are that you make an attempt at period ‘garb’ (‘garb’ means costume), try to avoid the look and feel of the modern world (the terms ‘mundane’ or ‘mundanity’ refers generally to the modern world), and that you be polite and kind to others while you are doing it. If you want to be a totally authentic persona, fine. If you want to be a barely authentic party animal, fine as well.

We have a Dream, the Dream of an ideal medieval world where the arts of war are practiced without death or injury, and the creative crafts of years gone are taught freely to all. A world of pageantry, where all can aspire to true nobility.

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages. It is a journey full of learning and entertainment, and we hope to see you at a tourney, feast or Arts and Sciences evening soon.

All welcome but any one under the age of 18 must be accompanied and in the care of a particpating adult.  Our ages range from 4 to 86 at the moment.

If you phone, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find us on Facebook under the Canton of Stegby

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