Nuisance Cats

Hire a cat trap for stray or wandering cats

Council has cat traps available for loan for those residents experiencing difficulties with cats straying on to their property and causing a nuisance.

These traps are basic cage traps. Food is placed on the plate inside the cage.  When the animal steps on the plate, or disturbs the food on the hook, the door of the trap closes behind them.  The trapped cat can be dropped off at our 24 hour drop off boxes located at either the Warwick or Stanthorpe pound facilities

Cat traps may be hired from any of Council's Administration Centres at Warwick or Stanthorpe. Residents are requested to contact Council prior to calling in, to check on trap availability.

Conditions for Hire of Cat Traps

  • Traps are available for hire for a minimum of a 7 day period.
  • Traps are to be returned to Council on the due date.
  • There is a deposit to hire a cat trap and a fee per week or part thereof.  The deposit will be refunded on the return of the cat trap in good condition. Please check the Fees and Charges for this item.

Please note: Council does not issue cat traps for the purpose of trapping possums.  Possums are a protected native animal and a permit is required for trapping.

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