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Rural Water Tank Rebate FAQs

Rural Water Tank Rebate

01. How much money is available for the rural water tank rebate?

02. What happens if applications exceed the budget limit?

03. How will I know if my rebate application has been approved?

04. Can I order my tank now?

05. Can I get a rebate on multiple tanks?

06. What size tank can I get a rebate on?

07. How much will the rebate be?

08. How will the rebate be paid?

09. Does the new tank have to be connected to our house?

10. Do I need a plumber to connect the tank when I am not connect to town water?

11. Why does a fire fighting coupling need to be fitted to the tank?

12. I have mulitple properties with approved dwellings that are amalgamated under one property ID - can I get a rebate for each property?

13. I own a commercial property. Am I eligible for the rebate?

14. I have recently purchased a water tank due to the drought - can I get a rebate on this one?

15. If I miss out on the ballot, will there be another opportunity?

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