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Registration & Testing of Backflow Devices

Backflow Prevention Device Register

Council is required to keep a Register of Backflow Prevention Devices as per the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019:

  • Section 113 requires a local government keep a register containing each notice given to the local government under section 102(02) or 103(3).
  • Section 102  requires that an owner of the premises must register the testable backflow prevention device on the approved form, unless the backflow prevention licensee has maintained and tested the device and given Council notice of the maintenance and testing. The owner of the premises must also arrange for a backflow prevention licensee to maintain and test the device at least once each year after the device is registered.
  • Section 103 requires the licensee must give notice of the work to council and the owner of the premises within 10 business days after inspecting or testing the device.

An application to install a testable backflow prevention device is to be made to councils plumbing section.  Contact council.

Annual testing

Owners must arrange for a backflow prevention licensee to maintain and test the device at least once each year after the device is registered with council. Testing ensures that the device is operating correctly.  A defective device can:

  • Cause a backflow incident

  • Allow water through leaking devices

  • Cause a reduction in pressure on your property.

Annual testing must be carried out by a licensed plumber with backflow prevention accreditation, as stipulated in the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 (Section 103).

If the backflow prevention device fails the annual inspection, the plumber is required to conduct remedial action to ensure the safety of the drinking water supply.  Repairs and cleaning may resolve issues within the device, however if the device is faulty then the device must be repaired or replaced immediately. The cost of this is the responsibility of the device owner.

If a testable backflow device has been installed on your property without proper approval, a plumbing approval will need to be obtained and an initial inspection by a Council plumbing inspector arranged.

What a licensed plumber holding current backflow endorsement will do:

  • Install appropriate hazard-rated devices on the property.
  • Inspect and test backflow prevention devices on the property.
  • Complete a backflow prevention device inspection and test report for each testable device.
  • Provide the test report within 10 business days of carrying out the relevant work to the owner of the premises and to Council.

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