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Development in a Bushfire area

What is the Bushfire hazard overlay?

A bushfire hazard assessment was carried out by Council, in conjunction with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. 

The outcomes of the assessment are the Bushfire hazard overlay maps and the Bushfire hazard overlay code.

The requirements of the Bushfire hazard overlay code are ADDITIONAL to the requirements contained in the Building Code of Australia

You must seek the assistance of a qualified building designer to prepare plans for the construction of any building. 

The qualified building designer will incorporate the necessary requirements to ensure your building complies with the Building Code of Australia.

How can I find out if my land is included in the “bushfire hazard overlay area”?

You will need to utilise to Council's online mapping system.

In the Planning module, the Bushfire overlay layer will provide you with the information required.

You can also check the planning maps at Council’s Community Contact Centres during normal working hours.

For further information about building in a bushfire hazard zone, please view the Development in a Bushfire area (Bushfire hazard overlay) fact sheet (PDF 606.1KB).

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