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Pre-start Meeting

What is a Pre-Start meeting and why is it required?

Pre-start meetings are held once an Operational Works permit is granted.

Pre-start meetings are held to ensure that all conditions of approval are understood and to verify  site conditions, such as slope, existing infrastructure, neighbouring developments and such  are taken into account for from the outset. 

Who attends a Pre-Start meeting?

Council’s Development engineer, the consulting engineer and the contractor must attend the pre-lodgement meeting on the site, at least one week prior to the commencement of works.

The owner is welcome to attend.

If attending please come suitably dressed for a site walk over if needed

What to do prior to arranging a Pre-Start meeting?

Before a pre-start meeting can be held, Council need the  following documents:

  1. A cover letter stating the Operational Works approval number and approval date, a list of the works to be undertaken, as well as all relevant contact details
  2. the receipt for the Security Deposit
  3. proof of payment of QLeave (if work >$150,000)
  4. a construction program
  5. traffic management plan, signed off by a qualified traffic controller
  6. proof of concessional registration of road construction vehicles and plant and equipment
  7. proof of a current Public Liability insurance policy to at least $10 million, and
  8. an inspection and test plan.
Note: These items are often listed out in your Pre-development permit.

How to arrange a Pre-Start meeting?

It  is desirable for the Pre-Start meeting to be held one week prior to any works commencing on site;

When you are ready for a Pre-Start meeting, please contact Council to arrange a suitable date and time.

Please note that the Pre-Start meeting cannot be arranged until the above listed information has been supplied.

Please use the following checklist to ensure you have all necessary documentation.



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