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Spring Creek DinningIt is a requirement that all food businesses in Queensland comply with all requirements of the Food Act 2006, including the Food Safety Standards.

The purpose of the Food Act 2006 is to ensure food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption.  Food businesses are required to be licensed to operate by Council, and Council is responsible for monitoring the standard of operations in food premises.  Council’s Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections of food premises to monitor compliance with the Food Act 2006 and to help ensure only safe and suitable food is being sold.  Officers are also available for advice and assistance in food safety matters.     

Starting and Operating a Food Business

There are many things to consider when opening a food business.  The following fact sheets provide an overview of the food licensing process:

If you would like to undertake food preparation in your home kitchen, please look at Council's Guidelines for the Use of Domestic Kitchens for Commercial Food Preparation (PDF 489.7KB) for further information on the regulations and what food preparation is allowed.

Fact Sheets (coming soon)

The following fact sheets provide further details on starting and operating a food business:

  • Fixed Food Premises
  • Mobile Food Premises
  • Temporary Food Premises

Council’s food business licence fees are a tiered system, depending on the risk level of the activity undertaken.  This is explained further, and the applicable fees are provided, in Council’s Fees and Charges (PDF 981.1KB).

Council has one Application form that can be used for all types of food licence applications (see below).  Please ensure you read all of the form and provide all of the information requested.


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