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Caravan Parks

Southern Downs Regional Council regulates Caravan Parks to ensure appropriate and adequate facilities are provided, and that they are maintained to a clean and hygienic condition. 

Council’s Subordinate Local Law No. 1.8 (Operation of Caravan Parks) 2011 (PDF 84.8KB) outlines the requirements for caravan parks. Commercial caravan parks are required to be approved to operate by Council, and Council is responsible for monitoring the standard of operations at these premises.  Council’s Environmental Health Officers conduct routine inspections of these premises to monitor compliance with the Council’s Local Laws.  Officers are also available for advice and assistance.

Starting and Operating a Caravan Park

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The following link provides further details on starting and operating a caravan park.

When completing the Application Form (see below), please ensure you read all of the form and provide all of the information requested.

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