Council Q & A Sessions

As part of Council’s commitment to developing a structured engagement process, an additional component of community consultation will be undertaken through new ‘Council Q & A’ sessions.  

Each Council Q & A will have an operational focus and will centre on and update the community about particular key initiatives or projects. They will be held on an as needed basis. 

The Mayor and Councillors, along with Council’s Chief Executive Officer, directors, and where appropriate, some managers, will attend the Council Q & A and the community will have the opportunity to ask questions, not only about those topics, but any other subject.  

Residents are encouraged to come along and participate in the Q & A sessions, which Council is running as a direct result of requests for more consultation.  

At each of the Council Q & A sessions, Council information and resources, including customer request/feedback forms will be available. Council also hopes to film these sessions and make the footage available on the website.


Session Date  Session Time Session Location

Monday 2 December

Tuesday 3 December



Warwick Town Hall

Stanthorpe Civic Centre

For viewing  (on Council's YouTube page)

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