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What to do if your property is the target of animal rights protests

Following a string of recent animal rights protests across the country and on the Southern Downs, farmers and producers are urged to be vigilant about securing their property. There are a few simple things you can do if your property is targeted by animal activists.

The following advice is suggested to farmers that may be the target of farm invasions:

·         Ensure all gates are locked

·         Erect no trespassing signs and bio-security signage

·         Erect signs indicating that there are cameras on the property

·         Follow advice from peak bodies

·         Monitor social media where appropriate

·         Consider the installation of motion activated lighting and cameras

·         Work out a plan with your family as to where children and older people will go to avoid the event

Should your property be accessed by protestors:

·         Remain calm and ensure safety of family members

·         Call police, Council and neighbours

·         Council may be able to direct people under Local Laws

·         Request formally that the protestors  leave the property

·         Consider asking the media to leave, if they are present (if there is no media coverage the event has failed)

·         Where possible film the actions of protestors

·         Provide the footage to the police

·         Consider pressing charges

·         Take note of the registration of any of the vehicles involved

·         Make a record of any damage that occurs on the property

·         Where possible advise other property owners that the protestors may be travelling in their direction

·         Share your story and experience with other farmers so they know how to prepare for a potential event in the future

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