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Survey results to determine accurate dam and silt levels at Storm King and Connolly Dams

4 June 2019

Surveys currently being conducted at Storm King and Connolly Dams will provide Council with more accurate dam volume levels to help determine whether de-silting works are required.

The surveys will also give Council a more accurate measure of the water volume in both dams to help forecast the region’s available urban water supply.

Australian UAV Pty Ltd is conducting aerial and land based surveys and the results of the surveys will indicate the amount of silt currently present in each dam.

Councillor for Transport, Infrastructure and Utilities Marika McNichol said the surveys are part of SDRC’s ongoing work to establish short and long-term water security for the Southern Downs.

“The survey works are important because they will provide Council with more accurate dam volume levels that will assist Council’s plans to continue providing water supplies for the region,” Cr McNichol said.

“If the results indicate a significant amount of silt at either dam, then Council will look at de-silting or dredging work in the future to increase storage capacity and improve the quality of water available.

“De-silting work can be costly, so Council needs to ensure de-silting is necessary before undertaking any work.”

The removal of silt and other materials from the region’s dams will require environmental approvals obtained from relevant State Government departments.

Council has not been approached by local contractors to undertake the works at no cost. Any contractor engaged by Council to undertake de-silting works will be required to follow appropriate local government procurement processes.

The surveys form part of the continuing works Council is undertaking to secure water resources and finalise contingency plans in response to prolonged drought conditions severely impacting the region.

Council is exploring all ways in which to ensure an ongoing and reliable drinking standard water supply to its residents and businesses, including investigating the region’s existing bore network and securing water allocations from dams located outside the Southern Downs.

SDRC will also continue working with State Government, other local government authorities, residents and local businesses to reduce water use and conserve the remaining water supply.

For more information on the region’s water supply and tips on how residents and businesses can reduce their water use, contact SDRC on 1300 MYSDRC (1300 697 372) or visit 

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