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So You Want To Be A Councillor?

22 October 2019 

Under the new Stage 2 Reforms of the Local Government Electoral and Other Legislative Amendment Bill 2019, all councillor candidates in the upcoming 2020 Local Government elections will be required to undertake So You Want To Be A Councillor? training.

The training will be available soon after the Bill receives assent from the Governor, expected in late October.

The training will be accessible online from the new So You Want To Be A Councillor? website, which also provides information for candidates about the role of a councillor, what councils do, and what you need to know if you want to stand for election in 2020.

While the training will be primarily delivered online, there will also be other options made available to conduct the training, such as downloadable and printed versions.

Over the coming months, the Department will also be delivering a number of targeted face-to-face training sessions at regional locations across the State.

Information on the times and locations of these training sessions will be advised on the reforms website.

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