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Upgrades to Storm King Dam boat ramp complete

13 November 2019

Southern Downs Regional Council is RAMP-ing up the quality of infrastructure at Storm King Dam! When water returns to the dam, the new boat ramp will be ready for boating enthusiasts and visitors to enjoy.

The upgrades, which consisted of widening and extending the boat ramp, have now been completed.

The old boat ramp was 23m long and 4m wide and the new ramp is twice as long at 42m and 6.1m wide.

Councillor for Transport, Infrastructure and Utilities Marika McNichol said that Southern Downs Regional Council had been proactive in taking advantage of the low water levels to carry out the necessary infrastructure upgrades to the ramp.

“Council’s main goal is always to improve residents’ ease of access to amenities. Many residents have remarked that the drop-off at the end of the boat ramp often surprised them! And while it was certainly unexpected, it didn’t prevent users from utilising the ramp. By widening the ramp, it will be that much easier to launch and trailer boats,” said Cr McNichol.

“The current water levels at the dam provided an opportune time to undertake the works ready for when the water levels return, and I’ve been very pleased with the speed and dedication that has gone into this project.

“The Storm King Dam boat ramp is an important piece of recreational infrastructure for our region and a significant draw card attracting visitors as well as serving the needs of residents and many local interest groups. I cannot wait to see it being used by residents and visitors alike.

“The completion of this infrastructure upgrade is great news and ensures better facilities for the recreational users of Storm King Dam.”

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