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Billy Moore brings his game home to the Granite Belt to the Mayoral Leadership Lunch

20 November 2019

Passionate Queenslander and rugby league hero, Billy Moore, today commended the Granite Belt community on their endurance and true Queensland Fighting Spirit during current drought and bushfire adversity.

Billy is no stranger to standing up to adversity and became renowned as the quintessential ‘Queenslander’ after he ignited the State of Origin crowd with his iconic “Queenslander!” chant in 1995.

The 17-game State of Origin veteran was the guest speaker at the Mayoral Leadership Lunch in Stanthorpe today where he shared stories from his impressive football career, his post-football transition and the tale behind his famous “Queenslander!” war cry.

Billy said of the iconic chant: “The “Queenslander!” chant is not mine - I don’t own it and didn’t write it but I’m so proud to be the public face and voice of it.”

Billy was also home to officially launch the QUEENSLANDER sign at Wallangarra which lines the border between rival State of Origin states Queensland and New South Wales. 

“There is no more fitting a place for this QUEENSLANDER sign to reside, not only because it is my hometown but because it is the first thing Queenslanders see when they return to the promised land!” he said.

“It’s a great honour to not only officially open the sign but to talk to the Stanthorpe community who I grew up with for the first 17 years of my life.

“In the current drought conditions and adversity, the people of this region are enduring and there is no more fitting a time for the Queenslander!” call.

“As the late great Peter Jackson told me as a 20-year-old in my first State Of Origin Camp, one of the three things Queenslander means is ‘Help your mate!!’”

Billy became part of the Queensland State of Origin team in 1992 and retired from the game in 1999 at the age of 28.

He is now a small business entrepreneur and co-owns Augello's restaurant in Mooloolaba which has been awarded three World and five Australian Gourmet Best Pizza awards in its 25 year history.

Prior to the Mayoral Leadership Lunch, Billy hosted a free BBQ breakfast at the Wallangarra Railway Station and also officially opened the playground and barbecue area at Boston Park. 

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