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Southern Downs to energise new-age motorists with new electric vehicle chargers

10 May 2019

New-age motorists can soon drive their electric vehicles (EV’s) to the Southern Downs with the installation of two new charging stations set to energise downtown Warwick.

The two chargers will see Warwick become a part of Queensland’s Electric Super Highway and will further position the Southern Downs as a destination for renewable energy. 

Southern Downs Regional Council is installing the new car chargers in partnership with The University of Queensland (UQ) as a part of the Warwick Solar Farm project.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said the new electric vehicle chargers are exciting for the region and reflect Council’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.

“This is really exciting news for our region and for electric vehicle users across Queensland,” Cr Dobie said.

“Warwick is now a key link in the Queensland Electric Super Highway, and an important fast charging point connecting the Queensland network with charging networks in New South Wales and Victoria.

“In the future, we will see more highways becoming electric and Warwick’s position at the intersection of two major highways makes it ideal as an electric vehicle destination.

“Southern Downs Regional Council is innovative and progressive, and with The University of Queensland taking ownership of the Warwick Solar Farm project, the region is fast becoming a regional hub for renewable energy.”

UQ will install two stations equipped with three charging bays which can charge three vehicles at a time, with UQ installing the Brisbane made Veefil 50kW fast charger by the end of June and the 22kW twin charger to be installed soon after.

The chargers will be located in the Acacia Avenue carpark behind Target Country with Council providing a lease for the land and access to existing electricity conduits.

Signs in downtown Warwick will direct visitors to the chargers, and other signs at the site will inform visitors of parking times and point them to retail shops, restaurants and cafes, and tourism destinations in town.

Councillor for Economic Development, Regional Promotion and Tourism Rod Kelly said locating the charging stations in the Acacia Avenue car park will encourage electric vehicle motorists to explore the CBD and spend money at local businesses while they charge their vehicles.

“Placing the charging stations in the Acacia Avenue carpark helps boost the local economy and provides an open, public space for motorists to charge their cars,” Cr Kelly said.

“UQ will provide the car charging service at no cost for the foreseeable future, so this is an exciting opportunity to encourage even more travellers to visit the Southern Downs and explore the many businesses and wonderful attractions our region has to offer.

“As the technology improves and electric cars become more affordable, we will see more and more people driving them. As a region, it is important that we are ready to take advantage of this growing industry.”

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