New plumbing laws support local building industry

1 July 2019

New plumbing laws which come into effect today will support the local building industry with a streamlined approach to speeding up the application process for plumbing and drainage works.

The new efficient approach to approving plumbing applications will see approval times significantly reduced. From 1 July, standard plumbing applications timeframes are reduced from 20 to 10 business days.

A Southern Downs Regional Council spokesperson said reduced application processing times will save money and time for both businesses and new residential home owners.

“Faster permit processing saves money and time. Council is committed to supporting the local building industry by embracing the reforms to the fullest. This new streamlined process benefits plumbing businesses who can begin work earlier as well as new residential home owners as work will begin earlier,” said the spokesperson.

In the lead up to the implementation of the reforms, Council’s Built Environment team communicated extensively with local industry stakeholders.

While the new reforms come into effect today, Council will not immediately be implementing a fast-track option, whereby applications for low-risk dwellings and sheds connected directly to the water and sewerage supply would be reduced from 20 to two business days, preferring to wait while the new electronic lodgement facility is rolled out and industry demand is assessed during the initial implementation.

“We want to enable industry growth in our region, but we also want to ensure that our online lodgement system is operating efficiently for our customers before we roll it out. The good news is that the new reforms have been introduced and going forward, our local building industry and community will benefit from these reforms,” said the spokesperson.

The new reforms also make provisions for amending existing permits. Applicants can apply to amend or extend the timeframe for an existing permit rather than starting a new application. Permits can be extended for up to two years but there is no limit to the number of times an application can be extended.

All permit work will continue to be inspected by the Council. Reduced timeframes only apply to obtaining a permit. A person must still get a permit before starting permit work and must comply with the permit and any conditions of the permit.

For more information visit or contact SDRC on 1300 697 372.

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