Council working with Karara residents after Canal Creek dries up

4 July 2019

Southern Downs Regional Council will continue to work with affected Karara residents as the water supply from Canal Creek ran out today, two weeks ahead of the scheduled decommissioning date.

Council is working with residents in the short term to determine if there is any demand for water prior to the 15 July cut-off date, and will provide and cart water to the Karara concrete reservoir in the interim.

Since announcing in January that the supply of non-portable water would cease, Mayor Dobie said Council had been working closely with residents to ensure their readiness, and assisted in payment for rainwater tanks installation to affected properties.

“We have been proactive in our approach over the past six months to ensure residents are self-sufficient with regards to water,” said Mayor Dobie.

Residents were advised by mail in a letter dated 25 June that the date for decommissioning of the non-potable water supply would commence on 15 July 2019.

However from today, the water supply from Canal Creek has ceased due to the creek being too low to supply the water.

Council will also continue to provide water to the Karara Rural Fire Service.

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