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Fire incident in garbage truck a reminder to take care when disposing waste

18 April 2019

Fire incident in garbage truck a reminder to take care when disposing waste

A fast-thinking JJ Richards truck driver averted disaster on Tuesday morning after hot ashes ignited other rubbish in the truck’s refuse compartment near Pozieres.

The truck was en route to the Amiens Bin Compound when the driver noticed smoke billowing from the truck’s refuse compartment.

The driver correctly followed JJ Richards’ procedures and managed to drive to the Amiens Bin Compound where the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) extinguished the fire.

After QFES deemed the area safe Council crews worked to clean the compound, and JJ Richards will assess how much damage the fire caused to the truck.

Councillor for Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability Cameron Gow said the incident serves as a timely reminder for residents to take care when disposing of hot ashes from fireplaces or barbecues.

“Even though the driver managed to avoid a serious truck fire, Tuesday morning’s incident placed the lives of the driver and other motorists in the area in danger,” Cr Gow said.

“With cooler weather approaching, SDRC urges residents to take care when disposing of hot ash as a simple mistake could become a deadly one or cost several thousand dollars to repair.

“If you want to dispose of ash from fireplaces or barbecues, please make sure to fully douse the ashes with water and let them cool completely before placing them in any waste receptacle.”

Tuesday’s fire follows from similar incidents at the Stanthorpe Waste Facility in 2018 where two separate bin fires started from customers disposing of hot ash into general waste.

On both occasions, Council called QFES to extinguish the bin fires at a cost to Council and ratepayers.

For more information on how to dispose of hot ash and other hazardous material safely, please contact SDRC on 1300 697 372 or visit

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