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Works undertaken on Collegian ovals in preparation for 2019 football season

Warwick’s Collegians Junior Rugby League Club is looking forward to the 2019 playing season, with Southern Downs Regional Council and the Club working closely together to remediate the oval which tested positive for minor asbestos contamination.

“It was a very small amount of asbestos containing material (ACM) across the two ovals and it is not airborne asbestos,” Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said.

“Council is working very closely with Collegians to ensure oval one is remediated and ready again for teams to play on in the new year; we’re working with the Club to get the oval back to a great condition.”

Collegians Junior Rugby League Club President, Deb Scanlan said Council and the Club had worked in partnership to decide upon the best course of action.

“We’re very much looking ahead and feeling positive about the 2019 season,” she said.

“Council is assisting the Club in any way they can to ensure the fields are redressed and ready to be used as soon as possible.”

After extensive inspections, air monitoring and soil testing, accredited specialists have recommended no further action needs to be taken on oval two (riverside of the clubhouse). Safety fencing which was erected around the oval as an initial precautionary measure will soon be removed.

Independent specialists, WSP, were engaged by Building and Asset Services (BAS) - Department of Housing and Public Works, on behalf of Council to assist with the initial response and assessment phase of the two Collegian’s ovals.

SDRC is currently finalising a scope of works to be undertaken on oval one based on recommendations made by WSP, including:

·         The removal of the grass cover (roadside of the clubhouse)

·         Soil materials tilled, raked and further inspected by accredited specialists

·         The site will be handed back to SDRC and Collegians to undertake further works to prepare the fields for next year’s playing season, once clearances are obtained

·         The oval will remain fully fenced until all works are completed

As a part of its investigation, WSP collected 42 samples for testing across the two ovals, which returned 5.9 grams of asbestos containing material (ACM).

Due to the low levels of contamination, ongoing discussions with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) Asbestos Unit have confirmed the proposed scope of remedial works for oval one will meet obligations under the relevant national measures and guidelines identified in the WSP report.

The full Collegians Junior Rugby League Club Football Field Report can be viewed on Council’s website. For more information contact 1300 MY SDRC or visit 

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