Swap your showerhead or sprinkler! SDRC Launches new water saving scheme.

Southern Downs Regional Council has launched its new residential water saving exchange program! Residents can now SWAP their old shower heads or outdoor sprinklers for new, water efficient ones.

Council is calling on all residents to install FREE water efficient showerheads and sprinklers which will help them conserve a precious resource and save on energy costs.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said the exchange program is an ideal opportunity and simple way for the community to play their part in water conservation.

Around 40% of household water is used outdoors, while showers account for around 34% of household water usage.

The Southern Downs region moved to medium level water restrictions in June following the Queensland State Government’s decision to drought declare the region.

“It is time for everyone to start taking measures to reduce their water usage,” Cr Dobie said.

“I am calling on everyone in the community to play their part in being water wise. Implementing water efficient devices is a simply way to save water, help the environment and to save money as well.

“Council’s water efficient exchange program is a win for ratepayers and a win for Council as it helps us manage the region’s water supply.

“Start taking note of how much water you use so that you can see where savings can be made, and implement those savings yourself.”

Swapping your old showerhead or water sprinkler is easy!

Complete the showerhead or sprinkler exchange form (available at SDRC Community Contact Centres or on the SDRC website).

To be eligible to take part in the exchange program, residents must provide evidence their property is connected to a reticulated (town) water supply with proof of address.

Take your old showerhead or sprinkler and completed form to either the Stanthorpe or Warwick Community Contact Centres where Council will replace it for FREE!

You can simply drop into one of Council’s Community Contact Centres and swap over your old sprinkler for a new one but to swap over your showerhead, you’ll have to remove it first!

Remove your old showerhead using a spanner – read the step by step instructions.

Installing water efficient devices is just one of many simple things that people can do to save water.

SDRC recently extended its water tank rebate scheme and FREE four minute timers are available at Community Contact Centres.

For more information on Council’s residential water saving exchange program visit the SDRC website or phone SDRC on 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372).

For more tips on being waterwise visit or visit and search for ‘waterwise’. 

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