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Southern Downs Regional Council promoting Asbestos Awareness Week 19-25 November

Southern Downs Regional Council is teaming with Queensland Workplace Health and Safety to raise awareness about working with asbestos for Asbestos Awareness Week 19-25 November 2018.

SDRC hopes the campaign will remind all Southern Downs residents and businesses to take proper precautions before renovating, maintaining or repairing any building built or renovated before 1990.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said all homeowners, renters, renovators, workers and families need to know how important working safely with asbestos is to their health and the community.

“Through the Asbestos Awareness Week campaign we hope that more people think about how to safely deal with potential asbestos before they begin working on their homes and buildings,” Cr Dobie said.

“As the Southern Downs has seen over the last year, how to properly manage and dispose of asbestos is still a concern for our community.

“Queensland Workplace Health and Safety have free and informative resources for everyone to use to help identify common areas where asbestos may be hiding and proper methods for removing and disposing safely.”

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has free resources available to help inform everyone about proper handling of asbestos, and run forums for apprentice and supervising tradespeople around Queensland to build skills and knowledge regarding managing asbestos.

For more information on working with asbestos, please visit the Queensland Government’s asbestos website on

To find out more about upcoming Workplace Health and Safety Queensland asbestos forums for tradespeople, please visit

Residents of the Southern Downs can learn more about managing asbestos, including SDRC waste facilities that accept asbestos waste, by calling 1300 MYSDRC (1300 697 372) or visiting

To keep up to date with the latest news and events, including information on Asbestos Awareness Week, please follow SDRC on Facebook and Twitter.

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