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SDRC's Parks and Gardens team tend to Warwick's much-loved Crepe Myrtles

Southern Downs Regional Council’s Parks and Gardens team will be out and about in the coming weeks finishing pruning and maintenance work on Crepe Myrtle Trees in Warwick.

The maintenance work follows initial winter pruning undertaken in July.

SDRC Parks and Gardens Team Leader, David Webster said residents should not be concerned about the works and reassured the community the trees were not being removed.

“We are simply reducing some new growths to establish them early and help them to flower and flourish,” Mr Webster said.

The works will include removing all suckers from the base of the trees and reducing their canes to ensure they are not overcrowded and poorly structured.

Many of Warwick’s much loved Crepe Myrtles were in poor condition and the ongoing work will ensure best growth rates and healthy, well-structured trees.”

Mr Webster said it was vital the pruning work was carried out to prolong the health and vitality of the Crepe Myrtles.

“Removing the suckers means all the energy transfers to where it should be at the top of the trees to significantly improve growth.”

The works are a part of SDRC’s ongoing commitment to the continual beautification of parks, gardens and open spaces across the region.

One of the world’s best flowering trees, the Crepe Myrtle can grow from one to eight metres tall depending on species and grows distinct pink, mauve, red, and white flowers in the summer months.

Crepe Myrtles can be heavily pruned in winter to encourage the development of long, arching branches of flowers.

For more information on the scheduled works being undertaken by the Parks and Gardens team, contact Southern Downs Regional Council on 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372).

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