Council works to improve Leyburn's water supply

Leyburn is set to enjoy a better water supply with Southern Downs Regional Council working to improve the town’s water treatment process.

In collaboration with Queensland Health, Council has carried out extensive investigations on the quality of ground water in Leyburn after regular, routine sampling in early 2017 indicated the possibility of ground water contamination.

Council has carried out extensive investigations into a number of town and rural bores as well as the Condamine River to confirm the contamination and identify a source, but the investigations have been inconclusive.

Council continues to test and sample the water and the water has consistently complied with standards set out in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

At Council’s January General Meeting, Council resolved to better the water treatment process to negate any emerging public health risks.

Currently, there are no indications of any health risks to Leyburn residents and this is continually confirmed by operation monitoring. However, Council has committed to install an improved treatment process to ensure there is no future breakthrough of water related diseases.

To ensure this, Council tests the water in accordance with its approved Drinking Water Quality Management Plan as well as monthly testing for cryptosporidium and giardia.

Council’s improved water treatment process may include the installation of a filtration and UV treatment system to remove any resistant pathogens.

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