Council Asks for Dangerous Dogs to be Reported

Over the weekend, a tragic incident occurred in Inverell in which a small child was killed by a dog. Southern Downs Regional Council would like to extend its deepest condolences to all those affected by the attack.

Council would ask that all residents who are aware of dangerous dogs in their area to make a report to Council so that officers can follow up. Council takes dog attacks very seriously.

Dog attacks can be reported straight away by phoning Council.

Depending upon the severity of the attack the dog may also be seized, impounded and/or destroyed, in addition to the owner being fined and/or prosecuted.

The dog may also be declared either a Dangerous Dog or Menacing Dog under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

The complainant will be asked to complete a Statutory Declaration with sufficient information to provide Council with grounds to investigate. The identity of the complainant will remain confidential in any correspondence from Council.

Council would like to remind all residents that Council's Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) prohibits the keeping of a Restricted Dog anywhere in the local government area.

Regulated Dog is defined as:

  • Declared Dangerous Dogs
  • Declared Menacing Dogs
  • Restricted Dogs

Dangerous Dog Declaration can be made for a dog only if the dog:

  • Has seriously attacked, or acted in a way that caused fear to a person or another animal; or
  • May, in the opinion of an authorised person having regard to the way the dog has behaved towards a person or another animal, seriously attack, or act in a way that causes fear to, the person or animal.

Menacing Dog Declaration may be made for a dog only if a ground mentioned above exists for the dog, except that the attack was not serious.

Restricted Dog is a dog of a breed prohibited from importation into Australia under the Customs Act 1901 (Commonwealth).

It is law that dogs must be under the effective control of its owner at all times when in a public place.

A property where an animal is kept should have an enclosure that prevents the dog from jumping over, digging under or escaping in any way at all times.   

Council’s Director of Environment, Planning and Corporate Services Ken Harris said that every dog attack is treated seriously by Council. “Council’s main priority is the safety of all residents. When Council is aware of a potentially dangerous dog, we can implement steps to ensure that the safety of residents is protected. Please make sure you report every incident involving a dog to Council.”

Mr Harris added: “Please be aware of where your animals are at all times.”

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