Blockage Fixed at Market Square Sewage Pumping Station

On the weekend, Council attended a major blockage of both pumps at the Market Square Sewage Pumping Station.

Market Square Pumping Station is the major pump station in Warwick and any overflows go directly to the Condamine River causing environmental harm. On this occasion, there were no overflows nor any environmental harm caused.

Council have also recently had to clear some fat blockages in the sewer network along Albion St.

Unfortunately, whenever there are blockages in the sewer network or pumping stations, these incidents cost Council and ratepayers money.

There are only three things that should be flushed down a toilet, known as the three P’s:

  • Pee
  • Poo
  • Paper

What shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet:

  • Wet wipes don't disintegrate when flushed – even the ones labelled as 'flushable'. Wipes can cause blockages in your household plumbing.
  • Hair balls from hairbrushes clump with all the other nasties in the sewer and can cause blockages.
  • Cotton buds are made of plastic, can sneak through treatment filters and hold up the treatment process.
  • Cotton wool balls stay like wet clumps and can add to blockages.
  • Facial tissue is designed to stay together when wet and absorb moisture, so takes longer to break down in the sewer system.
  • Dental floss gets tangled in the equipment.
  • Tampons and sanitary pads are a big contributor to blockages in our network as they’re designed to absorb liquid.


What you can do


  • Only flush the three P's – pee, poo and paper.
  • Use a bin in your bathroom for everything else.
  • Don't fall victim to misleading labels on wet wipe packaging – even though they may say they're 'flushable', they don't break down in the sewer like toilet paper.

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