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MY SDRC App opens a ‘can-o-worms’ for waste reduction

Another lucky resident has collected their prize from Southern Downs Regional Council to assist them in the reduction of day-to-day waste, simply by entering the MY SDRC App promotion.

Susan Cruickshank, from Warwick, received a Can-O-Worms worm farm as the September winner of the competition and said she loves the MY SDRC App.

“Being out and about for various community events, using different facilities for them, the App is a one-stop portal to report issues like water outages, for home, elderly neighbours and the activity group. This has happened on a few occasions and earned my admiration, especially reducing neighbour anxiety if I can report while talking to them,” she said.

“I appreciate the contact details of each councillor, for ready access when making enquiries about their portfolios or general information for activity groups. It beats battling google to website navigation for speed and efficiency. Employment has been a recent matter for me, so I can use the App to keep checking in for positions that could be handy for me or other folks I know looking for meaningful local work.

“If you carry your phone everywhere, want to improve the quality of its use, then the App is perfect and it allows you to go straight to the source,” highlighted Ms Cruickshank.

Rapt to expand on the waste reduction and recycling measures that they run at home, Ms Cruickshank said “As a fan of the compost bin, we have used our vegie scraps for this since buying a home, only thwarted by the cool to cold winter weather that slows its breakdown action. But it is working and greatly reduces our weekly bin load.

“Our new worm farm will complement both the compost and Bokashi bins we own and use, and I welcome the wider range of materials we can recycle through worms. Our small vegie garden will certainly appreciate regular doses of worm by-products, and the heat stressed fruit trees too.

“Boomerang Bags, recycled material totes to replace single use plastic bags, helps me to reduce my own and my community’s environmental footprint. These new worms and our continuing compost are partners in this,” Ms Cruickshank said.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie, said that prizes like the worm farms and compost bins awarded in the ongoing App promotions had been purposely selected to encourage re-use, reduction and recycling of every day waste.

 “I’m rather passionate about changing the way our community disposes of waste,” she said.

 “Recent figures indicate that domestic waste generated in Queensland is in the order of 1.8 to 1.9 tonnes per person, per year!

 “I think we need to do something about that, we need to change old habits. There’s not very much these days that cannot be recycled and recycling can start right at home through composting food scraps,” she said.

 Echoing Ms Cruickshank, Cr Dobie highlighted that the MY SDRC App is a one-stop-shop that provides residents with quick and easy access to the latest Council news and events in our region.

“The App also offers a ‘Fix it’ page to report an issue to Council, an Alerts page which can provide information in the event of a local disaster, and provides the ability to contact Councillors at a simple touch.

“If you haven’t yet downloaded the free MY SDRC App, I recommend you do so, and you could get lucky and nab yourself one of the great prizes in our ongoing promotion,” encouraged Cr Dobie.

The MY SDRC App is available for both Android and Apple users and is free from the Play Store and App Store. Simply search for MY SDRC and install. For more information about the MY SDRC App and the promotion click here.

 Susan Cruickshank receives prize from Mayor Dobie MY SDRC App promo 5 Sept winner - 10 Oct 2017 1

Photo: Mayor Tracy Dobie presents a worm farm to the My SDRC App promotion winner for September 2017, Susan Cruickshank.

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