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Beware Kerbside Painting Scam

Council has received reports of a scam operating in the region, in which claims are made that residents are required to have their street number painted on the kerb.

The scam involves a company door-knocking on residents and offering to paint street numbers on the kerb.  They charge about $50 per residence for this.  Reports say that the salesperson is forceful and intimidating, and the impression given that they are affiliated with emergency services. 

Council would like to inform all residents that painting house numbers on the kerb is not required by emergency services.

As far as Council is aware, those who have paid for the service have received what they’ve paid for, but reiterate that this is not a service affiliated with Council or with emergency services.

It seems this service has been operating predominantly in Stanthorpe, but residents in all areas of the region are warned to be vigilant. 

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