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Trade Waste Management Plan

What is Trade Waste

Every commercial, manufacturing or industrial business produces liquid wastes referred to as trade waste.  Trade waste presents the potential to cause harm to people, the environment (air, land, water) and infrastructure.  As a result, disposal of trade waste has to be regulated.

Council previously had Trade Waste Management arrangements, however, these arrangements were not enforced. Following a decision at 28th October 2015 General Meeting Council is considering the proposed resumption of the Trade Waste Management practices in the Southern Downs region.

What is required to discharge Trade Waste

Any commercial, manufacturing or industrial business that needs to discharge trade waste to the Council wastewater infrastructure system must seek approval from Council.  Council will regulate trade waste through conditional acceptance of trade waste into Council wastewater collection and treatment system.

Stakeholder Engagement

Council seeks cooperation with the business customers through education, partnership and advice - to encourage better social, environmental and economic outcomes.  With these outcomes in mind, the proposed new Trade Waste Management Plan and associated documents have been on exhibition at Council offices.   These documents are available to view or download here.

An online survey (from 3 February to 24 February) was also conducted for comments and feedback.  PLEASE NOTE THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED.

Workshops were held following the consultation period to assist with any inquiries and to address the comments compiled from the on-line survey.

If you have any questions or require further information please contact Jill Yeaman, by phone on 1300 697 372 or via email at .



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