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In order to be more efficient and recycle as much materials as possible, Council offers mulch and crushed concrete for sale at the following waste facilities:

Crushed Concrete

Separated construction and demolition waste, including concrete, pavers, tiles and porcelain that have been disposed of at Council's waste facilities are crushed, and the crushed concrete is available for sale, for example to use in drainage or road base.

There are 3 sizes of crushed concrete generally available - less than 40mm; 40-70mm or 70-100mm.

**As of June 2015, there is no crushed concrete available at any waste facility until further notice.**


Timber and green waste that have been disposed of, such as tree branches, grass clippings, timber pallets and old timber furniture, are mulched and the mulch is available for sale.

For prices, please check the Fees and Charges (PDF 110.5KB).

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