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Impounded and Rescued Animals

Below is a list of impounded animals.

If you have lost your animal, or believe Council has your animal and you would like to be reunited, please contact Council as soon as possible.

Animals that are not claimed after three (3) working days may be re-homed or disposed of by Council. 

Council's Breeder Identification Number is BIN0000006741266.

cat   Impounded Cats  

 Aug-12 Cat tortoiseshell Wck

Aug-16 Cat Wck

Aug-17 Cat Wck

Aug-18 Cat Wck


Dog-icon Impounded Dogs 

 Aug-07 Cattle dog female Wck

Aug-10 Border Collie Wck

Aug-12a Mastiff x Wck

Aug-14 Staffordshire Wck

Aug-15 Staffy Wck

Aug-19 Cattle x Wck

04-08 Border Collier female Stpe


 cow  Impounded Other Animals

No other animals currently impounded.

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