Council Q & A Sessions

As part of Council’s commitment to developing a structured engagement process, an additional component of community consultation will be undertaken through new ‘Council Q & A’ sessions.  

Each Council Q & A will have an operational focus and will centre on and update the community about particular key initiatives or projects. They will be held on a regular basis in the region and, to begin with, every two months on a Monday evening.  

The Mayor and Councillors, along with Council’s Chief Executive Officer, directors, and where appropriate, some managers, will attend the Council Q & A and the community will have the opportunity to ask questions, not only about those topics, but any other subject.  

Residents are encouraged to come along and participate in the Q & A sessions, which Council is running as a direct result of requests for more consultation.  

At each of the Council Q & A sessions, Council information and resources, including customer request/feedback forms will be available. Council also hopes to film these sessions and make the footage available on the website.


Session Date  Session Time Session Location
 8 May 2017 5:30pm - 6:30pm Killarney Senior Citizens
1 Ailanthus Street, Killarney


For viewing  (on Council's YouTube page)

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