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Town Hall Public Toilets Not Recommended For Heritage Listing

At the Southern Downs Regional Council’s May General Meeting, Council resolved to decommission the public toilet block located behind the Warwick Town Hall and replace it with additional parking spaces specifically for utilisation by Recreational Vehicle drivers.

Before the work could commence, Council was required to check that the public toilets were not eligible for heritage listing by the Queensland Heritage Council.

The delegate for the Chief Executive of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (the Department) has recommended to the Queensland Heritage Council that the Warwick Town Hall Lavatory not be entered in the Queensland Heritage Register as a feature of the State Heritage Place, the Town Hall and Footballers Memorial. This recommendation was received by Council on 3 August 2017.

 The Queensland Heritage Council has 60 business days from the recommendation date to decide whether a place is or is not entered in the Queensland Heritage Register. The Heritage Council has the discretion to make a decision which differs from the Department's recommendation.

 It is anticipated the Heritage Council will consider the application at its meeting in Brisbane to be held on 24 August 2017.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said that the toilets remain a prime location for crime and vandalism and aren’t accessible by people with a disability. “There are several public toilet facilities located within close proximity, including in Grafton Street, as well as amenities available during business hours in the Town Hall, across the Council carpark near the Art Gallery, within Rose City Shoppingworld and at Leslie Park.”

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